Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This is why the horse makes a mistake...

In many situations, when the horse commits an error or makes a mistake, we tend to find a cause or a blame of some sort. We need to think that horses like people some times have a good day and some other times they have bad days. We as riders need to look for signs that the horses give us, so that we can be able to tell when the bad days are. If and when the horse has a bad day, we add something to make the situation worse, we can not and should not blame the horse for what he did wrong.

Let's see, the horse only makes a mistake when we ourselves make a mistake in our judgement or when we become absorbed in our work and tend to want to be over confident. This is something no honest rider can afford, for overconfidence is a big enemy of true progress. Plus, when we add personal ego to over confidence the results can be detrimental and even harmful, for ourselves and for our horses in one way or another.

The horse is asked to do certain movements under the rider, that at some times he has not been properly trained for, and therefore is not capable of efficiently performing in a consistent matter. The rider should not blame the horse if the horse acts up but rather think. What caused the horse to misbehave or to commit an error on this occasion? If we cannot honestly answer ourselves then we will  not be fair in blaming the horse.

The only reason the horse makes a mistake is because we as riders made a mistake first, because the horse is always ready to listen and obey, if, we ask correctly, in the right moment, with the right aids, and assuming the horse is physically and mentally mature for what we ask. If any of the latter are not present when we ask the horse to do a certain task, then we run the risk of having the horse misbehave, making a mistake or ignoring our aids all together.

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Anonymous said...

I definitely agree with this. How could you put the blame on your horses if they got bad days? You must know your horse well. I remembered an article wherein she blamed her horse because of bad foal she gave and she didn’t turn her view on what she did before - artificial insemination of horses.