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Horse Feeding - Cool Fuel For Calm Energy -by: Stance Global

When it comes to feeding horses, most owners are reasonably confident that what they are feeding their horse is right. After all, it’s physically obvious if your feeding program is correct or not. Not feeding to provide enough energy for your horse will result in weight loss. This will be accompanied by poor hoof and coat condition and you may find your horse is dull and lethargic.

On the other hand, a horse diet that includes “hot” feeds such as oats, barley and corn can result in “heated” and “fizzy” behavior which can be detrimental to your horse’s temperament. Another real issue when feeding grains such as these is that obesity is a risk factor which can lead to equine diabetes, as well as other metabolic disorders like colic, laminitis and tying up.

Horses Need Energy Throughout The Day

So, having a horse “under-done” or “over- fed” can be detrimental to its health and affect its temperament. What can you feed your horse without risking its health or changing its temperament?

CoolStance Copra = Shiny Coat, Strong Hooves + Cool Fuel Energy

CoolStance Copra is a low NSC horse feed. Put simply, NSC is the equivalent to a low GI diet for humans. Non Structured Carbohydrates are important in a horses diet. A feed with a high NSC count will result in the horse’s metabolism being overwhelmed with insulin/energy and will cause adverse effects in trying to digest this large amount of energy.

A diet with a low NSC count is as beneficial to horses as a low GI diet is beneficial to humans. This type of feed will deliver even energy/insulin to the horse over an extended period of time. This means there are no rapid energy/insulin spikes and alternatively there are no major energy/insulin slumps either.

High NSC (High GI) Feeds Increase the Risk of Laminitis, Tying Up, Colic As Well As Equine Diabetes

Unwanted behavior is often a by-product of many energy and weight gaining high NSC horse feeds. CoolStance Copra is a “cool fuel” feeding option that provides a low NSC (low GI) alternative to your horse. Unlike other high NSC (high GI) feeds such as grains, CoolStance Copra will not affect your horse’s temperament. CoolStance Copra can be fed with medium quality hay to achieve optimum condition as well as provide energy without risk of behavioural problems often resulting from high grain feeding for the same results.

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